This is the future home of the Battinus Family website. It is intended to provide a place for photos and documents of and about Beryl (a/k/a Barnett or Bernard) and Frieda Battinus and their descendants.

For more information, you can reach the webmaster (a/k/a Bill Landau) at

Ken Krupsky, Geri Hansen, Bill Landau (l-r) at Balducci's in Bethesda, July 7, 2017, following a lunch/meeting at which the idea for this website was hatched.

On the back of the photo: “July 1920, Al Lieberman (son of Sam & May), Morty Battinus (son of Abe Battinus)”

Our plan for our next step is to create an email group (probably using Google Groups) to exchange information about the family and the website. We currently have email addresses for the following great-grandchildren of Beryl and Frieda:

Milly (Landau) Dalle
Geri Hansen
Ken Krupsky
Bill Landau
Bill Supon
Linda (Supon) Weiss

If you have email addresses for any of the grandchildren or great-grandchildren, please send them to the webmaster at the email address above. Email addresses for any of the generations after, if any of them are interested, are also welcome. Please, for each name, include the relationship to Beryl and Frieda (as with Al and Morty in the caption above). Photos are also welcome. For those not already in electronic form, please scan at a high resolution (e.g., 1200 dpi). I will reduce them, as I did with Al and Morty, but as the website is fleshed out, I'll provide links to download the hi-res versions for those who might want to print them. Please send them as email attachments, preferable one per email message, with as much information about the photo as possible.

At this time, it is our plan to keep this site private (i.e., not indexed by Google, Although we could password protect it, that adds complications. Please feel free to share the URL ( with family members, but do not put links on any websites, blogs, or social media.